Ulcerative Colitis Cure !! - Is It Possible? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar Sir, Namaskar Ma'am.

Male and Female: Namaskar.

Interviewer: You both are welcome at Planet Ayurveda Center. Among both of you, who was the patient?

Male: Anjali Malik

Interviewer: Sir, What is your name?

Male: Praveen Malik.

Interviewer: Sir, from where you both have come?

Male: Meerut

Interviewer: So ma'am, when you came to know about this problem of ulcerative colitis?

Female: Sir, about 1.5 yrs. to 2 yrs. back. In this period I took allopathic treatment for about 1 year. During that period I was fine till I was taking the medications but after stopping the medications again the same problem happened.

Interviewer: Were you taking steroids in allopathy?

Female: Yes.

Interviewer: So you felt better till you were taking medicines and after stopping the medicines you started feeling the same problem.

Male: Yes, lots of steroids she was taking.

Female: And after decreasing their dose, condition started to go worsen again.

Interviewer: So what was the dose of your steroids?

Male: 20 mg. Started with 40 mg, then 40mg to 30mg and from 30mg to 20 mg. And after reducing more than 20mg, again the same issues started again.

Interviewer: How you came to know about Dr. Vikram and about taking treatment from him?

Male: We came to know through Youtube.

Interviewer: Ok through Youtube, so when your treatment started from here?

Male: We came here about 2.5 months back.

Interviewer: Ok 2.5 months back, so your first consultation was through clinic visit only.

Male: Yes.

Interviewer: How much time it took to get relief after starting the treatment from here?

Female: After 10-15 days, I started feeling better.

Interviewer: What were your symptoms before taking the treatment from here?

Female: I was having a lot of problem in the morning while going for the toilet.

Interviewer: So how many times you passed stool in a day?

Female: About 10-12 times in a day and that was minimum.

Interviewer: Was there mucus and bleeding too?

Female: Yes.

Interviewer: So after taking treatment from here, within 10-15 days you felt better.

Female: Yes. Gradually I got relief and now I am much better and also passing stools in the normal way.

Interviewer: Did you bring any dietary changes during this treatment?

Female: Yes, the doctor told me to take some precautions which I took.

Interviewer: Can you share any major precautions which you took?

Male: She took a lot of coconut water. Milk and milk products were avoided. Most efforts were put on these precautions.

Interviewer: Okay, so she took all the precautions seriously and along with that she took ayurvedic medicines with that she got very good results.

Female: And Pomegranate juice I took daily, it gave me very good relief.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: So as you told me that you are totally free from this disease. Just some time back I told you to stop this medication. Mostly when I asked the patients to stop the medication and you don't need it more they are afraid of it as from their previous experience, they know that they have to take the medicine whole life and still they take medicines for 1-2 months more. But with my experience there is no further need what if you want then take it for one month more.

Interviewer: Sir first let the viewers see the prescription.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: This thing you have shown many times, I always give kutajghan vati, praval panchamrit, Pitta balance contains praval, jahar mohra, akik, kamdhudha, mukta, muktapisthi etc. There is Arjun capsules which heals wounds (Vrana ropak). Then there is Coolstrin B, it contains herbs like lajwanti. So these are the things to stop the blood, cooling and astringent. In every video I have told these are cold herbs and they don't have hot potency. Hot potency medicines like Sanjivani Vati is sometimes given by ayurvedic doctors after considering it amaatisara, as there is ama, amarasa is present in it. But I don't recommend sanjivani vati in it. Medicines like sanjivani vati, chitrakadi vati, and today some people have brought a doctor's prescription to me, in that Arogyavardhini was also included, as it contains kutki which is rechak in nature and will cause diarrhea, so never take arogyavardhini, sanjivani vati, and like this all hot potency medicines should be avoided. Basically it is a disease caused by pitta or heat. So chitrakadi vati, agnitundi vati should not be taken. And hot potency things like sour fruits, fast food and junk food should be avoided. Sometimes there is infection like cold and cough and fever so at that time people take antibiotics so at that time don't take antibiotics and in fever take rest for 1-2 days and don't take antibiotics. If you want to take crocin, you can take but in Ayurveda there is tulsi and haldi (turmeric) which can cure cough and cold and fever. Because you had colitis so now you can take haldi in less quantity as it is cured now. So now only three things you have to take precaution of milk, cheese and buttermilk and butter. So these four things and you can have curd. As according to ayurvedic point of view curd is called abhishyandi - means it stops the stool and give consistency. Because due to ulcerative colitis you had lot of loose motions, diarrhea so you need such things which gave symptomatic relief. As we have to cure symptoms also as if we only keep treating aamarasa and not give attention to symptoms so patient will tell I have no relief. So there should be a symptomatic relief also, for ama pachan, kutaj is also ama pachak and grahi too. Grahi means that holds the stool but also digests the ama rasa. So our vaidyas thought it is not ama pachak so they give sanjivani vati, chitrakadi vati and such medicines which are hot in potency. So there is no need for that as we have given kutaj and it will work.

Interviewer: Doctor Sahab, what is the role of buttermilk in ulcerative colitis?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Buttermilk is very good in IBS but in ulcerative colitis if it suits then it can be taken. You asked very good question about buttermilk as it is called takra in Ayurveda.

Female: I have took it in between but I got no problem.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: It suits some people but not others. Its reason I will tell you, as some people make buttermilk by churning the curd little bit.

Female: No, I take out whole of the butter then I used it.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Very good, this thing you did very well, as it is called takra. The actual takra is this one which is told in Ayurveda. That's why it suits her. Those who churn the curd little bit and take it as it is, it is called as Chacch (buttermilk) that is not a buttermilk. You can call it lassi. But actual buttermilk in Ayurveda is one where you churn out whole butter from curd and then that remaining liquid is called buttermilk you can also add cumin to that. So that you can take, even every colitis patient can take that. But don't put any spices to that. Cumin can be added.

Female: I have totally stopped spices, we are not giving it to anybody in home.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That's very good. As spices are also hot in potency. You can use black pepper. I don't recommend olive oil for cooking, one can use cow milk for it. So olive oil, refined oil, mustard oil I also don't recommend in it. So use only cow ghee. As mustard oil is also having little bit hot potency so I don't recommend it I only recommend cow ghee.

Interviewer: I have one more question, as some doctors recommend turmeric especially allopathic doctors so what about that?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yes, these days some allopathic doctors recommend curcumin, so curcumin as I told is ama pachak but it is a little bit hot so in light quantity you can take it there is no problem but as a medicine if we will recommend it then it will create a problem as it is hot in potency. So I don't recommend it especially when there is flare up and acute stage. In ulcerative colitis to heal the wounds we have arjuna, it has both cool and astringent properties. So Arjuna is better and I don't recommend curcumin in this disease. Thank you very much.

Interviewer: Thank you doctor sahab, thank you ma'am and sir.


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