How to Treat Ulcerative Colitis? - True Testimonial

Interviewer: Mohd. Zahid

Patient: Yes sir!

Interviewer: I welcome you to the Planet Ayurveda center.

Patient: Thank you sir.

Interviewer: So you have come to Planet Ayurveda today for your follow up treatment with Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

Patient: Yes!

Interviewer: For which health problem you were taking treatment from here?

Patient: Sir I was having ulcerative colitis.

Interviewer: So when was your problem of ulcerative colitis diagnosed?

Patient: In the seventh month of 2018 this problem started.

Interviewer: Ok! It was detected in July 2018.

Patient: Yes!

Interviewer: What symptoms you were having at that time?

Patient: The symptoms were blood and mucus in stool and I have to rush to the toilet repeatedly. I have to go for 10-15 times to the toilet.

Interviewer: Sir from which other places you took treatment for this ulcerative colitis?

Patient: Sir I consulted in the civil hospital of my city, Malerkotla. They gave medicines.

Interviewer: So how much relief did you get from that medicine?

Patient: I took those medicines for two months. There was no relief.

Interviewer: So how did you come to know about Dr. Vikram?

Patient: Sir I saw him on Youtube.

Interviewer: You saw the video on Youtube.

Patient: Yes! I saw the video of doctor sahab, then I came here.

Interviewer: Since how long you are taking treatment from here?

Patient: For 3 months I have taken medicines from here which doctor sahab gave. In 3 months I'm fine now.

Interviewer: So for consultation have you come here in the center or started online treatment?

Patient: I have came here only and took the medicines after meeting doctor.

Interviewer: You took an appointment from the doctor and came here for consultation.

Patient: Yes sir.

Interviewer: What kind of medicines Dr. Vikram prescribed you? Please show your prescription.

Patient: See this.

Interviewer: This prescription is of November 2018, then December and after that January. And now you have came for follow up treatment and doctor have stopped your medications.

Patient: Yes! He stopped the medicines.

Interviewer: Because your problem has been solved completely.

Patient: Yes.

Interviewer: How are you feeling now? Are you completely fit now physically?

Patient: Yes, I am completely fit now.

Interviewer: Is your disease completely cured?

Patient: Yes. 99% it is cured.

Interviewer: It is completely cured.

Patient: Yes.

Interviewer: Did you make any changes in your diet during this treatment?

Patient: Yes, doctor sahab gave me a diet chart. I followed that. Then I got fine completely.

Interviewer: What kind of diet chart it was and what changes you made in the diet? Please share with our viewers.

Patient: Firstly I stopped intake of milk products like milk, buttermilk, cheese. These things I stopped taking.

Interviewer: You stopped taking milk and milk products.

Patient: Yes, I got 70% relief from following diet chart itself.

Interviewer: Definitely! There is a great role of diet in this disease. Sir we have our viewers that are watching this video right now, most of them might be for ulcerative colitis itself. What message do you want to give them through this video?

Patient: I want to say to them that you should come to the Ayurvedic treatment because in allopathic, the medicines don't give relief. You should adopt Ayurveda. And I would suggest come to Dr. Vikram sir only. You'll get good treatment from here.

Interviewer: Ok. Thank you, Mohd. Zahid ji. You came to Planet Ayurveda and gave such amazing information. Thank you so much.

Patient: Thank you.


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