Ulcerative Colitis Alternative Treatment - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Namaskar madam

Interviewee: Namaskar

Interviewer: First of all I want to know your name?

Interviewee: My name is Rajeshwari pawar. I am from Mumbai.

Interviewer: When you came to Mumbai office of Planet Ayurveda for the first time and for what reason?

Interviewee: Four month back, I was having ulcerative colitis and for its treatment I came here.

Interviewer: You have taken your medicine continuously since then.

Interviewee: Yes, morning and evening continued two times I am taking the medicine.

Interviewer: How are you feeling now?

Interviewee: Now I am 99% fine.

Interviewer: Any other problem?

Interviewee: Not such, but has to follow diet and have no problem?

Interviewer: You have to follow a diet. Now you are fine. Previously what problem you were having?

Interviewee: I can't tell you what problems I was facing previously. I was not able to get outside. It's god's grace that I am able to come here.

Interviewer: Thank you. And any information you want to share with our viewers?

Interviewee: Those who are watching me should take treatment from here. You will get relief within four days.

Interviewer: Can you tell us some of medicines names?

Interviewee: I was taking Arjuna, Pitta balance, Vatsakadi Churna, and Kutajghana vati. All these four medicines I was taking morning and evening.

Interviewer: Ok Mam

Interviewee: Thank you.


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