Ayurvedic Treatment of Ulcerative colitis - Real Testimonial | Patient's Feedback

INTERVIEWER: Greetings, Mr. Manvir!


INTERVIEWER: You're here with Dr. Vikram in his clinic. Please tell us a little about your disorder.

INTERVIEWEE: I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis 2 years ago. I took treatment from Rohtak, PGI from Dr. Manoj Goyal but I had no relief. I kept taking medicines but, I was fine, only, till I took the medicines as soon as I stopped the medicines my symptoms relapsed. Then, I came across Dr. Vikram Chauhan's videos on YouTube. I saw them a few times and I decided that only Ayurveda can cure it. So, I thought of meeting Dr. Vikram Chauhan and I came here 5 months ago. My condition was very critical back then.

INTERVIEWER: Since when are you suffering from Ulcerative colitis?

INTERVIEWEE: It's been 2 years!

INTERVIEWER: Ok! What were your symptoms?

INTERVIEWEE: I had bloating, bleeding with stool, and pain in my limbs.

INTERVIEWER: How often did you pass stool?

INTERVIEWEE: Sir, in the beginning I passed stool 3-4 times but it kept increasing with time. Then, there came a stage when I passed stool 10-12 times every day.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Did you take any allopathic treatment during that time?

INTERVIEWEE: I took an allopathic treatment initially but I stopped it after sometime. After that I started your treatment.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Vikram, with which Ayurvedic medicines did you treat him?

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: He came to me around 4 months back and his stool frequency was 10-12 times along with blood and mucous followed by abdominal cramps, gas formation, bloating and all the symptoms of Ulcerative colitis and muscle wasting, weight loss and weakness. We have a few medicines in Ayurveda like Kutajghan vati, Pitta balance, Praval panchamrit which aid in healing the ulcers and slowly and gradually the symptoms also start reducing. When the symptoms start reducing, the ulcers automatically start healing. Mostly, we use cooling and astringent medicines like Arjuna is known to be a wound healer. It is called "Vran Ropak" in Ayurveda. Though, it is Hridya, very good for the heart since it's cooling in action. But, Arjuna is a very good astringent, coolant and wound healer. Apart from Arjuna, we use a few other herbs. We have a preparation of the herb Kutaj or Vatsak as it is called in Sanskrit which is Vatsakadi Churna, Kutajghan Vati, and Praval Panchamrit. So, the medicines which have astringent and cooling action help to heal the ulcers. Diet has a huge role in it, I restrict milk and milk products including buttermilk. Ayurvedic doctors correlate it with Sangrahani and recommend the usage of buttermilk. But, I have observed that the patients who consume buttermilk in ulcerative colitis are not benefitted from it and it doesn't suit 80-90% of the patients. I restrict the consumption of buttermilk, milk products in Ulcerative colitis. I allow patients to take curd along with banana as it controls and tightens the fecal matter and stops the bleeding also. Similarly, I suggest pomegranate juice, pomegranate peel decoction which provide relief. Did I ask you to take Sheesham (Dalbergia sisso)?


DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: What did you do with it?

INTERVIEWEE: I would wake up at 4- 4.30 AM in the morning and take a walk for 1 km and I would take 7-8 leaves of Sheesham (Dalbergia sisso) and chew them.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Dalbergia sisso is the latin name for Sheesham whose leaves or are astringent and cooling in action. Another alternative for people who can't find Sheesham is Arjuna. We have Coolstrin B, then, Lajwanti or Touch-me-not plant (Mimosa pudica) is a very effective wound healer and an astringent. Ulcerative colitis is curable but, repeated colonoscopy and biopsy is something I don't recommend it. In the beginning, if you want to get it done, to diagnose the problem, its fine. But, people get it done every year or 6 months or every other month. They visit a new doctor and that doctor asks to do a biopsy and like that, the patient takes 3-4 biopsies which forms wounds followed by bleeding and pain which causes the problem to reoccur. And then the patient is given steroids and other medicines like Mesacol, Asacol which does not cure Ulcerative colitis.

INTERVIEWER: Dr. Vikram, I have a very basic question. With the latest technology and tests we can diagnose the disease. But, Ayurveda would have been making such diagnosis with its ancient methodologies. Tell us some signs & symptoms with which the common man can figure out if he's suffering from Ulcerative colitis or Sangrahani (IBS).

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Ayurveda has different methods to diagnose various diseases. We practice Nadi pariksha (Pulse diagnosis), Jihva pariksha (Tongue examination), akshi pariksha (Eyes Examination). Darshan, prashan and sparshan are very basic where darshan means to see, prashan means questioning and sparshan means to touch. Then, there is Ashtvidh pariksha, Dashvidh pariksha and in that mal (faeces), mutra (urine) are practically examined to know if the stool is properly formed and there are no traces of blood, undigested particles and also check the urine for any sediments or dissolved particles or proteins. Similarly, we examine the tongue to check the formation of any ama rasa (toxins) and if his digestive power is strong or not. We, also palpate to check any signs of pain or tenderness. These are all the different methods used in Ayurveda and with that we can make a diagnosis and with the symptoms mentioned for Grahani. Sangrahani is of various types like Ghati yantra which makes weird sounds in the abdomen or sounds similar to filling an earthen pot with water like water dripping drop by drop and other different symptoms, it is called Sangrahani and Ulcerative colitis has similar symptoms like that of Atisaar (Diarrhea) which is further divided into various types like Pittatisaar, Raktatisaar which means bleeding with diarrhea. Amajanyaa raktatisaar (Bleeding with diarrhea due to accumulation of toxins) and Amapittajanya Raktatisaar (Bleeding with diarrhea due to accumulation of toxins and aggravation of pitta) have symptoms which are similar to that of Ulcerative colitis. We diagnose it with the history and clinical symptoms and we don't need to get into the fuss of biopsies because repeated biopsies mean punching unnecessarily.

INTERVIEWER: Oh! I would also suggest patients to get it diagnosed from any Ayurvedic doctor near them rather than using such methods for diagnosis.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: I'm not really against colonoscopy since it's just Darshan Pariksha, by inserting a device with a camera. But, biopsy is what I won't recommend. It's fine if it is done once, to analyze the condition or to check in case it has become cancerous. But, what is the solution? We should focus on the treatment rather than tyrannizing it to check if it has become cancerous or not. It'll obviously become cancerous because it is already so fragile and we're touching it with foreign objects so frequently. The wall of the colon is extremely friable or very weak. For biopsy, we insert a device with a camera and a small punch like scissors in the colon and if that sharp objects hits the colon otherwise it can cause perforation also and performing the biopsy over and over will ruin it even further. It's better to do the colonoscopy instead of doing the biopsy and start Ayurvedic medicines after that. I would suggest and request all the doctors watching this video to open their minds and take interest in Ayurveda and study these herbs. There are numerous herbs which are so effective that if you squeeze their extract over a wound, they immediately stop the bleeding and heal it. They are free to ask us and gain knowledge about it and cure patients.

INTERVIEWER: Yes, that's a good thing. It benefits the patients.


INTERVIEWER: Mr. Manvir, how are you feeling now, after 5 months of the treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: Sir, I'm feeling very good, now.

INTERVIEWER: Are you completely fine?

INTERVIEWEE: It's like a rebirth.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: I've got him off his medicines from today onwards. He will not take any medicines for this after today.

INTERVIEWEE: Since Dr. Vikram has written that my medicines have been stopped, the amount of excitement I have is immense.

INTERVIEWER: That's a very good thing that 5 months of treatment has completely cured you. Do you want to give a message to our viewers?

INTERVIEWEE: I would like to say to the viewers that, don't get misled by allopathic medicines and at least meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan once even if you don't want to take the medicines. They'll start noticing improvement just after meeting him.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you very much Dr. Vikram and Mr. Manvir.




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