How to Cure Ulcerative colitis Naturally? - Real Testimonial

Interviewer - Hello Sir, I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda Center. What is your name?

Interviewee - My name is Abhishek

Interviewer - Sir, you are from where?

Interviewee - I am from Meerut.

Interviewer - What health issue you had for which you contacted Dr. Vikram in Planet Ayurveda Center?

Interviewee - I was suffering with Ulcerative Colitis since 2011.

Interviewer - Ok, where did you get the consultation for this problem?

Interviewee - I got the consultation from many places, I got it checked from Mariot and many doctors but did not get relief.

Interviewer - What were the symptoms? How many times you used to pass stool? Was there mucus and bleeding? Please tell us everything?

Interviewee - I had to go for 10 – 12 times again and again, there was too much of blood and mucus. Then I saw video of Dr. Vikram and I came here and now I have relief.

Interviewer - Ok, you saw video of the Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Did you see the testimonial videos of the patients who got treated from here?

Interviewee - Yes

Interviewer - When did you approach Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee - It has been 11months.

Interviewer - Ok, So it has been 11 months that you taking medicine from here. What all were the medicines that were prescribed to you by Dr. Vikram?

Interviewee - There were many medicines - Kutajghan vati, many churnas, praval panchamrit.

Interviewer - Please show the prescription to our viewers? Ok, at the moment you have the 9th month prescription, and these are the medicines prescribed to you. And this is your today's prescription. Sir, as you have brought your reports along, please shows it to our viewers that what improvement you got.

Interviewee - My reports are normal.

Interviewer - This is your 2016 report when you had a Ulcerative Colitis problem and you were not able to get the solution for it.

Interviewee - Yes

Interviewer - This is your latest report, which you got four days before. And the impression of the report says- normal Colonoscopy. Now it is normal and cured.

Interviewee - Yes

Interviewer - Sir, during this treatment what changes you made in your diet?

Interviewee - Sir gave diet chart, followed that, not to take milk and milk products, fried followed all this.

Interviewer - In how many days you started getting relief after taking the medicines?

Interviewee - Initially I took medicine for 2 months and I started getting relief and then I continued taking.

Interviewer - Ok, you continued the treatment as you started getting relief.

Interviewee - Yes

Interviewer - Sir, at present our viewers are watching the video and most of them can be Ulcerative Colitis patient what message you want to convey them?

Interviewee - I just want to say whoever the problem has come to Dr. Vikram Chauhan get the consultation, take the medicines properly and follow the diet chart. This is only what I want to say. I am properly cured my reports are normal.

Interviewer - It's really nice your Ulcerative Colitis is cured properly.

Interviewee - Sir asked me to take the medicine for next 1-2 months and your medicines will be stopped.

Interviewer - Thank you Sir, you came to our Planet Ayurveda Center and you shared such important information with our viewers. Thank you.

Interviewee - Thank you, Sir.

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