How Ayurveda is Helpful in Curing Ulcerative Colitis?

Interviewer: Hello

Male: Hello

Interviewer: Is your name is Satya Devi?

Female: Yes.

Interviewer: Satya Devi ji kindly tell me, for which problem you took treatment from Dr. Chauhan?

Male: She had Ulcerative Colitis.

Interviewer: She is your wife?

Male: Yes, She was having blood in her the stools so for that we have consulted here.

Interviewer: So before taking treatment from us, what problem you were facing?

Male: she has to pass stool with blood 6-7 times a day.

Interviewer: Was there any blood and mucus when she was passing stool 6-7 times?

Male: Yes mucus was also there.

Interviewer: Since how long she has been facing this problem?

Male: I think it was very chronic but we came to know about it only 2.5 years back.

Interviewer: So for this did you undergo any clinical tests?

Male: There was a profusion in her intestines so at that time she underwent endoscopy and all other tests. So at that time we came to know about it.

Interviewer: Then you came to know, so what treatment you took for 2.5 years?

Male: At that time doctor gave Pentasa Sasse and she was taking it regularly twice a day. Then, the dose was reduced to half and then he told us to take this medicine life- long. Later we came to know about Planet Ayurveda and its about three months since we have started medicine from here.

Interviewer: All the medicines that you have started from three months have shown some improvement or not?

Male: Now she is feeling much better. Now she is passing stool once and there is no blood and mucus.

Interviewer: This is a very good news. So along with taking medicines, have you also brought any changes in your diet?

Male: Yes, we have followed the diet chart.

Interviewer: So what you did?

Male: Like she stopped taking milk.

Interviewer: Ok she stopped taking milk and all milk products.

Male: Also turmeric, ginger, and all sour fruits were stopped.

Interviewer: so the medicine that you took in the first month for treatment, how much improvement you felt?

Male: There was very good improvement about 50-60 percent.

Interviewer: so it was in first month only

Male: yes

Female: As other doctors in Chandigarh told me when you feel hungry just have half chappati instead of one. After taking that I have to go for toilet. Then I started taking medicines from here after which I started taking chappati.

Male: Now she has good appetite.

Interviewer: Are you taking Allopathic medicines along with our medicines?

Male: We stopped taking allopathic medicines 2 months back.

Interviewer: so you have stopped taking allopathic medicines totally.

Male: Yes, we stopped taking it totally.

Interviewer: Have you come from Kaithal?

Male: Yes, from Kaithal Haryana.

Interviewer: what doctor have told about the treatment, now you have to continue or stop it.

Male: Now, the medicines are stopped. He told that she doesn't need them.

Interviewer: Satya ji you have good improvement in three months. Now you are relieved from the disease which was giving you problem from the last 2-2.5 years.

Female: Yes

Interviewer: So you want to give any message to Dr Sahab?

Male: We want to thank him.

Interviewer: No, I don't want it from you, let Satya to thank you.

Female: I am very happy and it was difficult for me to have so many medicines.

Interviewer: Thank you very much for sharing your experience. Thank you


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