Testimonial - Kiran Got Cured from Ulcerative Colitis With Ayurvedic Medicines & Diet



INTERVIEWER: What is your name and where are you from?

INTERVIEWEE: I have come from Kalka, Haryana and my name is Kiran.

INTERVIEWER: Regarding what problem did you consult Dr. Vikram Chauhan?

INTERVIEWEE: I was suffering from Ulcerative colitis from the last 10 years. I tried various allopathic medicines even from PGI but they kept giving Mesacol every time. There was no relief and I kept bleeding.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, the bleeding was continuous?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes. I passed stool 6-7 times daily.

INTERVIEWER: Where else did you take treatment from? Did you take just allopathic treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, I took allopathic treatment from Patiala, Chandigarh.

INTERVIEWER: And it's been 10 years?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, 10 years. It was diagnosed in 2007.

INTERVIEWER: How did you get to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and when did you consult him?

INTERVIEWEE: I saw his videos on YouTube and I also saw interviews of patients who got relief. After that I thought if not allopathy maybe Ayurveda has a treatment for it and I should definitely go and visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan once. I started my treatment in October, 2016.

INTERVIEWER: When you started Dr. Vikram Chauhan's treatment did you continue allopathic medicines also?

INTERVIEWEE: I took it for around 2- 3 months then sir asked me to stop taking allopathic medicines if I had relief.

INTERVIEWER: So you stopped taking allopathic medicines after 2 months!

INTERVIEWEE: Yes and it has been 6-7 months I'm just taking the ayurvedic medicines.

INTERVIEWER: How are you feeling now?

INTERVIEWEE: I'm completely cured.

INTERVIEWER: Did you take any medicines this week?

INTERVIEWEE: I'm just taking Kutajghan Vati in the morning and evening this month. Today, Dr. Vikram has stopped me from taking any medicines.

INTERVIEWER: Ok. No further treatment now?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, no further treatment. Her stool frequency is fine now and rest of symptoms have also subsided.

INTERVIEWER: You are not passing stool frequently now?

INTERVIEWEE: Just one time which is normal.

INTERVIEWER: Any bleeding?

INTERVIEWEE: No, nothing!

INTERVIEWER: Any other symptoms like stomach ache?

INTERVIEWEE: Nothing at all. I'm eating everything and there is no problem at all.

INTERVIEWER: You're taking a normal diet?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, absolutely normal.

INTERVIEWER: What diet did you follow during the treatment?

INTERVIEWEE: Dr. Vikram had asked me to stop any kind of chilies, spices, pickles etc. He asked me to consume home cooked food. I ate curd and rice, gruel and curd. Bottle gourd is also very good.

INTERVIEWER: Which medicines were you taking?

INTERVIEWEE: Kutajghan vati was the one that gave me the maximum amount of relief and then, there was Vatsakadi churna.

INTERVIEWER: And the other medicines?

INTERVIEWEE: All other medicines were stopped. I'm just taking these medicines from the past 2-3 months.

INTERVIEWER: What message would you like to give to our viewers?

INTERVIEWEE: I would just like to say that if you're not finding any treatment in allopathy. You should come at Planet Ayurveda once, I have faith in them. I'm sure you'll also be cured just like me.

INTERVIEWER: Thank you so much ma'am.



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