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INTERVIEWER: Ma'am, what is your name?

INTERVIEWEE: My name is Hansa Mirchandani and I'm from Mumbai. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis one year ago. I saw about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Planet Ayurveda on YouTube. I watched a few videos. I had taken allopathic treatment earlier but found no relief. It would flare up after sometime.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: I want to interrupt a little. She told us she had Ulcerative colitis. But, I would like to ask when was it first diagnosed? How did you get to know you were suffering from Ulcerative colitis?

INTERVIEWEE: I couldn't digest anything and there was blood and mucous in my stools.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: When did this happen?

INTERVIEWEE: Last February.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: That was 1 year ago.


DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: It was detected 1 year ago. Then, you went to a doctor. What did they suggest?

INTERVIEWEE: They did my colonoscopy and biopsy.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: When they performed your biopsy, did you feel any pain?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, I felt pain for 15-20 days and the bleeding had increased.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Biopsy increased the problem. I usually tell my patients that whenever you get a biopsy done, it will only increase your problem because it involves cutting a section of the organ to check for malignancy. Cancer doesn't occur so soon. Recurrent biopsies causes a lot of discomfort to the patient in the form of pain and profuse bleeding. Colonoscopy is enough to diagnose the problem and Ayurveda has a possible cure also.

Ok, what happened next? How many times did you pass stool?

INTERVIEWEE: 6 to 7 times.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Was it accompanied with blood?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, blood and mucous.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Did you have pain also?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, severe pain. I couldn't digest anything I ate. I was on fluid diet for over 1 month which lead to a drastic weight loss. Then, I started you medicines.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Some doctor suggested you to go on liquid diet?

INTERVIEWEE: Yes, I was on liquid diet for 1 month which caused a lot of weight loss. But it would flare up time and again. But, then as I said I saw your videos on YouTube and started your medicines after that. I saw improvement within 1 month. My bowels had never been so clear in the past 1 year.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: How long have you been taking these medicines?

INTERVIEWEE: Since 2 months

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: How much relief did you see in 2 months?

INTERVIEWEE: 100%. She had 100% relief in almost 1 month.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Kindly get him in the frame, too. He's her husband.

INTERVIEWEE: We started her medicines on December 28th. I thoroughly checked on YouTube and then I found out that Dr. Vikram Chauhan has an effective cure for this disorder. Also, he is giving a surety of it being cured as according to allopathic, it can't be cured. The one thing we did for her benefit was not putting her on steroids. We had decided that come what may, we'll never take steroids because Ayurveda is much better than it. Allopathic says it is not curable whereas Ayurveda has a cure for it. It was very important to go to the right doctor. When we saw numerous interviews on YouTube then I realized there was some possibility. I immediately found Dr. Vikram Chauhan's contact details and mailed him. Sir was going abroad but he was kind enough to speak to me over the phone. He said it wasn't an issue and that I wouldn't even have to speak to him again. He explained me about the Ulcerative colitis care pack and the diet chart. She started the medicines on December 28th and all the symptoms including bleeding stopped by January 26th. There are no symptoms since then. She was passing stools 6 to 7 times, which reduced slowly but, now, she passes stool normally, once a day. On rare occasions she passes stool twice a day. No mucous, no bleeding, no loose stools. The best part was that the gastritis caused by allopathic medicines also went away. There is no problem from the past 1 month. That is how it is.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: This is great. I'm very happy that she found 100% relief in 1 month. I've stopped her allopathic medicines totally and asked her to take the Ayurvedic medicines I've prescribed for 1 or 2 more months and then, stop them as well. She'll have to follow the diet I've asked her. There are numerous videos of the diet I've made. Follow that diet. Avoid milk products, curd/yogurt is allowed but milk, cheese, butter and buttermilk should be avoided. 50ml pomegranate juice should be taken. You've seen the videos and you're following the diet chart which is very good. Pomegranate decoction can be taken and you can continue it. Even if you don't have any problem you can still take it for a month or two since it has no harm. I want to say this to all my viewers that Ulcerative colitis causes stress and depression.

INTERVIEWEE: A lot of stress. Ulcerative colitis causes very severe mental breakdown. It feels like the end of the world.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Kindly give our viewers some hope that it can be cured.

INTERVIEWEE: You'll be absolutely fine. First learn to trust Ayurveda, it is the most important thing. If you have trust, you'll be totally fine.

DR. VIKRAM CHAUHAN: Thank you so much.



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