Ayurvedic Cure of Ulcerative Colitis - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello doctor!!

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Hello

Interviewer: Today Arshadbegh is here whose ulcerative colitis has been cured. Can you explain what was his problem and how did you treat it?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: This child whose name is Arshad came to me from Jalandhar. He approached me around 4-5 months back when he was suffering from ulcerative colitis disease. In this disease there is formation of lesions in our large intestine (colon). According to modern medical system it is an autoimmune disorder where our body's immunity is against its own and start invading organs of our body. There are so many autoimmune disorders and ulcerative colitis is also one of them. Cause of auto immune disorders is unknown in medical system. But from Ayurveda point of view, auto immune disorder is called as Aam Janay vayadhiyan which means - when our digestive system is upset and toxins are formed due to the consumption of certain foods or heavy foods which weaken the jatharagni (digestive fire) and therefore food remains undigested. In this case there is formation of metabolites that are called as aam ras which results in formation of antibodies. These antibodies destroy the organs which may include rheumatoid arthritis, nephrotic syndrome, ulcerative colitis, neuro disorders like SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus), all these are am Janay vayadhiyan as per Ayurveda. If we treat it according to Ayurveda then there are the good results moreover Ayurvedic treatment can be started along with the allopathic treatment. Gradually by reducing the dosage of allopathic medicines we can stop it completely similarly we steadily stop the Ayurvedic medicines too. Remission state as compare to allopathic is much more according to my experience, I have seen in my patients that there is no problem for even longer duration of 10 years.

Interviewer: Ok doctor. I want to ask Arshad how this problem happened to you and what were the symptoms?

Arshadbeghh: I was all fine and used to do gym. I took the weight gain powder for biceps due to that there was the problem of bleeding but I thought its normal but later it enhanced. I told to my parents about the bleeding problem. Then my allopathic treatment was started and I took the allopathic medicines for 3-4 months. In the beginning like 2-3 months everything was good but later these medicines created more problems and didn't found the good results. On internet I read about doctor and came from Jalandhar to Chandigarh. Doctor gave me Ayurvedic medicines which I took for a month and also followed the diet chart suggested by him. Within a month I got very good results. In the 2nd month again I came to doctor then he stopped my allopathic medicines completely.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: What medicines did you take? Was it mesacol or something else?

Arshadbeghh: Mesacol and another one was wysolone. Mesacol dosage was two morning and two evening.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Usually mesacol, wysolone, Omnacortil, Prednisolone, azoran, immune suppressants or steroids are given as they harm our immunity. These are the immune suppressants which impair our immunity. Instead of using such things, in Ayurveda there is Kutaj (Holarrhena antidysenterica). This plant's name designates one who stops dysentery. It is ampachak means reduces the toxins, corrects the antigen antibody reactions. Besides of this, there are cooling substances like Coolstrin-A, Coolstrin-B, Praval Panchamrit, Vatsakadi Churna therefore such kind of herbs I prescribe. These things aid in healing, additionally arjuna is quite good as it helps in the healing of ulcers and stops mucous formation, bleeding, gas formation and abdominal pain. Hence all these problems get resolved. Within in month or 15-20 days patients start giving response and gradually I reduce the dosage of medicines.

Interviewer: Arshad have you made the changes in diet also?

Arshadbeghh: I stopped taking outside food and chicken. I am taking the vegetables suggested by doctor, specially trying to maintain the proper hygiene, not taking any spicy food items and only consuming the light food. It would be beneficial if you will take care of your diet. Having a light diet is good.

Interviewer: Doctor, kindly explain us about diet?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Especially I want to add that milk is full of proteins, casein and lactose. Some people have lactose intolerance and also allergic to casein which may result in stomach upset. So I suggest to avoid the milk products like milk, cheese and buttermilk. In Ayurveda some physician correlate it with sangrahani but colitis or IBD is the worst form of ama atisar (dysentery), rakta atisar (bleeding stools) and pitta atisar (IBD). Hence it must be consider separate from sangrahani whereas IBS should be considered as sangrahani. Therefore in this case I advise to avoid buttermilk and by avoiding it I have seen the good results. I allow the curd intake as it ties the mal (waste material) and also aids in flourishing the beneficial micro flora in intestine. I suggest to take curd, banana, moong khichadi or dal and pomegranate juice.

Arshadbeghh: Coconut water.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Coconut water is cooling and hygienic packed mineral water. Coconut water is considered as mineral water from God. Hence that is not actual mineral water which we drink from bottles. He told about the consumption of protein powder which can trigger the autoimmune reaction in our body. It is chemical formulated in lab and not made by God. Our body's machinery is created by God or nature hence natural food will suit to it. If we take the food prepared in factory or proteins then there will be certain auto immune reaction. Hence protect yourself from such reactions and I want to convey this message for those who go for body building, there is lot protein in nature like soybean, lentils and many more so consume that and do exercises for muscles formation.

Interviewer: Arshad now are you completely alright? Would you like to convey any message to viewers?

Arshadbeghh: Yes completely 100%.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Todays I have stopped his medicines completely.

Interviewer: That's a matter of pleasure so would you like to convey any message to other patients.

Arshadbeghh: I just want to convey this message that try to avoid the outside things, consume the home made food. Only for the sake of taste you can't destroy your health so take home made food. Its only matter to full the stomach hence it is not necessary that it can be done by eating out side food.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I am interrupting in between, here is father of Arshadbeghh. So tell us when you came to know that such problem has found then you must have went to hospital or doctor then what did the doctor say?

Arshadbeghh's father: Doctor said that this medicine will last for whole life. Then we were afraid but treatment was needed so we gave the medicines for 3-4 month which resulted in his weight loss and weakened face. Then we came to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and contacted with him. He suggested the medicines and he took the medicines for 4 months. Now our son is fit and fine.

Interviewer: That's a great thing and parents are happy.

Arshadbeghh's father: We are very happy otherwise we were so upset.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That's good.

Interviewer: Thank you so much that you have shared all this with us.


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