Ulcerative Colitis Treatment, Diet & Home Remedies - Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Hello Wajir ji

Wajir: Hello

Interviewer: I welcome you to the Planet Ayurveda. Where are you from?

Wajir: I'm from UP

Interviewer: For which health related issue, you contacted the Dr. Vikram Chauhan in Planet Ayurveda center.

Wajir: I have ulcerative colitis since 2011.

Interviewer: What symptoms do you get when this disease was diagnosed?

Wajir: Sir, at that time I have blood and mucus in stool. Also has complain of lose stool.

Interviewer: How many times you pass stool a day?

Wajir: 9-10 times

Interviewer: So for, where else you have shown yourself for treatment.

Wajir: Sir I went to DMC Ludhiana, Lucknow, and Bareilly for this treatment.

Interviewer: So what was their opinion for this treatment in allopathy?

Wajir: I got relief till I was taking medicine, otherwise condition remain same.

Interviewer: You were getting a permanent solution from anywhere.

Wajir: Yes Sir, I was not cured from anywhere.

Interviewer: How you come to know about Dr. Vikram Chauhan and how you approached him?

Wajir: Sir, I came to know through YouTube where i watched his video.

Interviewer: Are you watched patient's testimonial videos or watched Dr. Vikram Chauhan's video?

Wajir: I watched both.

Interviewer: When did you contact Dr. Vikram Chauhan and how did you contact?

Wajir: Ten months back.

Interviewer: Was it a telephonic treatment or was you visited the clinic?

Wajir: Initially, I have taken treatment at home for 2 months through telephonic consultation and then I visited the clinic.

Interviewer: You might have got some relief. That's why, you came here.

Wajir: Yes

Interviewer: Please show your prescription to viewers. So that viewer can see what kind of medicines has been prescribed to you. So this one is your latest prescription, this is two month old, this is further two months old, this one is of January month. So this is how your treatment has done. And it's around 8 months since you are taking medicines from here.

Wajir: Yes

Interviewer: How much relief, have you got after taking medicines?

Wajir: 90%

Interviewer: I think you have to take medicines for some time.

Wajir: Sir suggested stopping the medicine now but I have taken it for two month time from my side.

Interviewer: Because it has no side effects and if you will take it for more time, it will have good effects on body.

Wajir: Yes

Interviewer: I want to ask you one more thing that what kind of dietary changes you brought to your diet during this treatment.

Wajir: Whatever sir told me and the diet chart provided to me, I followed all those things.

Interviewer: Was there any particular restriction in diet which were told to you not to take and any home remedies if you can tell.

Wajir: Juice of pomegranate and decoction prepared from its pilling. Decoction prepared from fennel, coriander and cumin. Spicy food was avoided.

Interviewer: What was the opinion of DR on dairy products?

Wajir: Dairy products need to be avoided totally but curd can be taken.

Interviewer: So now you have no complaints.

Wajir: Yes, I am 90% fine or I can say that I am cured totally.

Interviewer: Thank you wajir ji that you came to our planet Ayurveda and shared this useful information with our viewers.

Wajir: Thank you


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