Ulcerative Colitis Cured - Ayurvedic Treatment & Diet With A Real Testimonial

Interviewer: Good evening Prashant ji

Interviewee: Hi, good evening.

Interviewer: You are here in Mumbai camp.

Interviewee: Correct.

Interviewer: With your wife Hansa. Can you just tell our viewers about the whole case history & how the treatment gone?

Interviewee: Yeah, sure. So I am Prashant Mirchandani and I am based out of Mumbai itself, belongs to Rajasthan, but for the last 12 years I am here in Mumbai with my entire family. My wife Hansa as you can see, she was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in March 2017. And after that we started allopathic medicines. As you all know that allopathy has only 2, 3 things, one is Mesacol that they will always ask you for.

Interviewer: Yeah every second patient is using that.

Interviewee: Yes Mesacol and the drug name could be different but the salt after all is Mesacol, either a tablet or an enema and if it doesn't help then it goes for the steroids. And continuous steroids they will simply ask. These are the only things. I searched on the internet, YouTube, everything about this problem, because the major issue which I think, everyone will accept, that everybody says that what is this disease? This disease is not in the entire family, we are not aware of this particular kind of disease and the problem is that how come it is happened to me only that was the first thing we also thought. As a patient, because my wife was suffering so I was also suffering.

Interviewer: Actually it is a family problem.

Interviewee: Nobody had this and nobody was aware that such kind of disease also exists in the world. But then we understood that OK, this is the disease we have to fight. But from the day one, I was very clear in this after my research that in allopathy not a single doctor can say that it is curable.

Interviewer: You are right.

Interviewee: Even I've checked with all big Doctors, Surgeons, everywhere, you know I am in Mumbai so many big doctors are available there. But the thing is that nobody says that it is curable. So we decided instead of, we will not go for the steroids we will immediately go for some Ayurvedic doctor. We searched for an Ayurvedic doctor, now the problem is; this Ulcerative Colitis is a disease in which you know even many Ayurvedic doctors are also not aware of.

Interviewer: Yes, they are also confused.

Interviewee: Yeah, they confuse it with IBS, so we started with Ayurveda, but that did not help. For 2, 3 months we took Ayurvedic medicines as well as allopathy but that did not help. Finally, we stopped Ayurveda, then that was a local doctor from Mumbai itself, but then what we did, we started allopathy, continued allopathy, Mesacol same but the problem was continuously happening, and it was persisting continuously like we were getting relief for 2 months and after that it used to happen again. After all, at the end I decided, because I was checking YouTube and all. I finally found that Planet Ayurveda is working which is an expert in this. I checked on multiple videos. I checked on everything, I searched on net and then I decided, no I had 2 options, one was either I go for steroids or again I trust an Ayurveda doctor. So I said no, when the Planet Ayurveda itself at least from the videos it was looking that they are expert in this disease. I was not aware that you are expert or not.

Interviewer: From the testimonial video.

Interviewee: Absolutely, I still remember the date, it was 26th of December, 2017, I first called up the Planet Ayurveda call center and I requested that I want to talk to Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Your call center people simply said that he is busy inside, but he is going for some foreign trip tonight itself and he won't be able to speak to you. I requested please ask him that there is an Ulcerative Colitis patient and it's an urgent help I need. Thanks to Dr. Vikram Chauhan, he immediately came out and spoke to me and he said why are you so worried first of all, you should not be worried at all, about this. This is not a disease; you should even talk to me. My entire medicine is even on the online, you just simply buy the medicine, my team support over here, you can check with these guys also, the whole support team is here, you can talk to them and they will give you a diet chart, follow that diet chart strictly and take my medicine, nothing else you need to do. I am telling you exact date I remember because you suffered a lot, 28th of January, the entire problem went off.

Interviewer: 28th of January, 2018

Interviewee: Yeah 28th January, 2018, so in one month and 2 days exactly it took. She used to go 7-8 times a day to the washroom, with mucus and blood every time, chronic pain in the stomach, this all went off totally. From 28th of January, it was like, she used to go to the washroom twice a day. but without any problem, and after 10, 15 days it becomes once a day. Then we got a trust, Yes that means, Planet Ayurveda is expert in this. After that in February 2018 Dr. Vikram Chauhan visited Mumbai and we met and this is our second video. In the first he took the interview and we clearly said this is how it happened. And after that it is almost one and a half years, there is no problem. So for the last one and a half, not at all issues, no problems, she goes once a day. So once a day there is normal motion, but sometimes she has gastric problem but there are medicines available for that but we have decided to have a strict diet. Whatever was advised by Dr. Vikram Chauhan, we followed it completely and there is one important thing regarding diet, do not go by the words written by Dr. Vikram Chauhan, go by the meaning of them.

Interviewer: Yeah, that is very important.

Interviewee: So the meaning is, if it is written that you don't have to eat citrus fruits, it doesn't mean that you eat them occasionally; no you are never going to eat them. And some things are not written in it but you need to be aware of it, for example, meaning is very simple like anything that can create gastric problem, you don't have to eat that. Some things confuse you, whether to eat them or not, you just have to stay alert and eat something which is light & easy for your stomach, like coconut water, simple. You will simply notice that people most commonly have, whatever snacks we eat outside like Burger, Pizza and in Indian snack the most common snack is chole bhature and all. We need to understand all these things are not meant for our digestive system, it will cause a gastric problem. If your digestive system already has this problem then it will just aggravate it. And Dr. Vikram Chauhan's medicine just does only one thing, it cleans your digestive system to such an extent that rest of the body heals by itself.

Interviewer: Absolutely, the body has the power to recover.

Interviewee: Absolutely, they started to follow us since one and a half year and she does not have any problem. There is one critical thing that I would like to say from my personnel experience. According to my experience Ayurveda, I could also be wrong, being non-biased to Dr. Vikram Chauhan because I am a genuine patient.

Interviewer: You can share your views generally, now.

Interviewee: So, Ayurveda, is one thing where I have found that every doctor has his own views; we need to know which doctor is an expert or not. Sometimes we need to understand who the expert is. You have to keep trust in Ayurveda. You cannot expect the relief, the allopathic medicine will give you in 5-7 days, Ayurveda will not give you result in 5-7 days, if you want to do that, you can go for allopathy. But better be ready to face the side effects and it is guarantee that they cannot cure those side effects. Ayurveda takes time, you have to spend 1 month and she was having moderate ulcerative colitis so it took one month to heal her completely but there are patients, in which takes 2 or 3 months time also.

Interviewer: We had some patients who were suffering from 10 to 15 years and in those cases it takes around a year or a year and a half. and that much patience and diet control is required. We ask them to have patience but sometimes they lose hope and some other people tell them that the doctor is not good.

Interviewee: No Sir, I'll tell you one more thing, we stopped allopathic medicines in Februray itself, because in February we met Dr. Vikram Chauhan and Dr. Vikram Chauhan said, now you can stop the medicine. We just blindly put faith in him and this proved that they have done something, which in turn gave us relief. and trust me that we are not using any allopathic medicine. Yes, allopathy is very advanced, scientifically proven, but there are some diseases whose actual impact you will found in Ayurveda only. In Ayurveda there are Doctors specific to a particular disease and most of the Ayurvedic doctors are related with IBS. There are doctors that I've heard recommending to heal it by Takra kriya i.e through drinking buttermilk, but this is not a disease that once you stop drinking it, the problem occurs again. At the end of the day we need to know that if we have to find a permanent solution, we need to control our diet. Dr. Vikram Chauhan, Planet Ayurveda always suggest to control your diet and 90% of the diseases will be over, automatically.

Interviewer: We generally guide people that diet control is most important. Key role is of the diet & not a medicine.

Interviewee: I'll give you an example, when we made a video with Dr. Vikram Chauhan in February, and asked Dr. Vikram that can she have mango because she is fond of mangoes and Dr. Vikram chauhan said this is poison for you in this disease and she said can I taste it a little bit, but he said a stern no. If it suits you take it but not from my side. She started tasting the mango, just a little bit in April and the problem reocurred immediately and the moment she started taking the medicines and followed the diet chart, she became normal within a week.

Interviewer: Basically doctor knows it better that what is right and what's wrong, but we must follow him precisely.

Interviewee: Absolutely, I want to say two three things to anybody who is watching this video have full trust in Ayurveda, Ayurveda is not wrong and even in Ayurveda you will get many money making Ayurvedic doctors, sorry I will not name anyone but trust me there are many people who advertize a lot on the television, social media and publicize themselves by media, TV channels, and radio etc. Please don't go by that and don't experiment yourself even we have had a very bad experience with them. At least you are lucky enough that Planet Ayurveda is one place where they upload the videos that we can actually see the actual genuine patient. We also saw many people there are people who made videos and then we understood that Planet Ayurveda is right thing for all stomach related problems, immediately. So she lost 10kgs of weight because of going to a wrong Ayurvedic doctor. I was on a liquid diet so I lost 10 Kgs in a single month. So, that was a challenge so please keep trust & have faith in Planet Ayurveda, they are expert in this particular thing and they have cured so many patients…I will not say cured…but I do not know whether it is cured or not but they have patients who have got the relief after suffering for multiple years. I have also seen a video where the patient said I have a relief from last 10 years, there is no problem. We have personally felt that it was one and a half years that there is no problem.

Interviewer: So from the last one and a half year, you have no problem at all.

Hansa: No, problem at all, you just need to follow the diet chart and have trust because I've gone through that condition and know very well. Even within a month I receive 3 or 4 calls asking me that ma'am are you feeling better. You just follow the diet chart and continue with the medicines, things which cause acidity, avoid them. Go to the right Doctor. Before that, had a bad experience with people, just like me that we took steroids for this. I got a call, before some time, their daughter was in the 8th std. and she was admitted into the Hospital and her mother was weeping that she is on steroids, she has lost her weight and she used to pass stools for 10 to 15 times a day and was confused to go or not, then I suggested her to go by having blind faith and continue with the medicines. Have patience, it will take time, even it took me, one and a half month, to heal because I was having moderate Ulcerative colitis but yours is little advanced, so it will take time. A few days ago she called me once again to say that they took medicines, followed it and she has been 50% cured. So I want to say to people that please have trust in Ayurveda.

Interviewee: Ayurveda is one thing, Planet Ayurveda has patients who have got the relief and you can talk to them but for that you need to take a strong care about your diet chart, secondly you need to be strong psychologically, people go in depression thinking that why this happened to me, same with her also.

Hansa: Same with me also, whatever food I loved, is totally banned, I do not have to live but I have to eat to live. I have to follow a certain pattern and I strictly follow the diet chart prescribed by the doctor.

Interviewee: You have to stay alert while using small things, the most important being you don't eat the citrus fruits, drink coconut water, eat fresh curd, if it's made in the morning finish it in the afternoon, don't take it at night time, then don't have the juice of Pomegranate above 50ml, so all these things, you have to follow the diet chart precisely, then you will see the results and psychologically never get into any type of tension. In this disease never feel stressed, the more you stay cheerful, the faster you will heal.

Interviewer: Absolutely true Sir, this is very right message from your side which we would like to convey our viewers and when they will listen to you they will definitely believe that this is absolutely true and it should be followed.

Interviewee: Because the biggest issue in this is psychological and people feel it's better to commit suicide, trust me, this thought comes in the mind.

Interviewer: Yes, it's a very depressing disease and this thought comes in the mind.

Interviewee: Just have trust in it and nothing wrong will happen you just take the medicines and follow the diet chart. There are people who say, how they can follow such a diet chart for the lifetime and I say why are you worried about these things, the doctor is just banning the food that is wrong and is harmful for your body, he is not restricting the food that is beneficial for the body. So there is no problem in not having the harmful food. In the present times, diabetes patients are restricted from eating 10 sorts of foods, he is following the diet chart, Hypertensive patient is also following the diet chart why can't you follow this diet chart, even she rightly said that she doesn't eat to live, but eats to stay alive. Do not eat non-vegetarian food, it is not good. If you eat non-vegetarian then it is not wrong but in this disease you should avoid eating non-vegetarian food.

Interviewer: Because it our own life and we can decide…Basically you want to convey that diet is the most important part and you have to follow the diet chart precisely and the second one is to have a control over your mind. Like we in Mumbai right now and last did we meet here only? Are you constantly in touch with Ankita ji?

Interviewee: Yes, we have full faith in Ankita ji, she belongs to Mumbai and we do contact her whenever we need and she has been very supportive. The best part of Ankita ji is that, we have been told everything and whenever we need a medicine, we just have to send a message on whatsapp and the next day, medicines are at your doorstep the very next day. I don't have to worry about the medicines for a single day.

Interviewer: It's good to have a timely support.

Interviewee: Yeah.

Hansa: The biggest problem of me was that I used to take allopathy medicines and was facing the side effects, last time when I met the doctor he stopped me from taking any allopathy medicines. It has been since one and a half year I am not taking Mesacol and from one and after 2 months I am not taking these Ayurvedic medicines and now I just follow the diet chart.

Interviewee: What we are telling, are telling you with our personal experience. It may vary from person to person. Some things suits you and some things don't suit you, for example the doctor advised her to drink coconut water and it didn't suit her and the doctor said if it doesn't suit her, stop having coconut water. The diet chart is provided to you, and you have to check yourself that what suits you and what not.

Interviewer: Yes this is common sense, every time needed, because you are the one who knows the best about your body.

Interviewee: Absolutely, so you need to take care of these things. Like, in fruits you can have pomegranate juice, or have an apple after peeling it off, you can have papaya and banana is very good for you.

Hansa: Banana when mixed with curd makes a great combination, you can have it in the breakfast.

Interviewer: Did you use fresh Bael fruit?

Interviewee: Unfortunately Bael fruit is unavailable in Maharashtra otherwise Bael fruit & Bael juice is the best for this disease. The Doctor said that it is even medicines do have the ingredients of Bael churna.

Interviewer: Yes, bael is the key ingredient.

Interviewee: In vegetables, we used to have bottle gourd, ridge gourd, ground gourd and bitter gourd. All these things are good for your health. You must avoid ladyfinger. Anything that can create gas must be avoided, Strictly avoid Bengal gram lentil, gram flour should be avoided.

Interviewer: Dr. Vikram advices to avoid Milk and milk products.

Interviewee: Milk & its products are totally banned for lifetime, but please remember, milk products do not means - curd and buttermilk, Buttermilk is of course, restricted in this but curd is a separate thing.

Interviewer: Curd & banana is something that Dr. Vikram recommends, to every patient.

Hansa: I tried Buttermilk, which was restricted to me but it did suit my body and he said that you can take it and I used to have it sometimes.

Interviewee: So, this is the only thing, you have to keep checking it, according to your body, like green lentil is very favorable, boiled potato can be included in vegetables you cook at home and eat it, that is also very good, spicy food has to be minimized, garam masala, which we use, has to be minimized, then ginger and garlic should be reduced at least for 6, 7 months, it should be avoided, you should not even eat.

Interviewer: Some patients asks us about having asafetida (Heeng) How Dr. Vikram Sir guided you? Did you ever use it?

Interviewee: Yes we had it and I still use it, but thing is very simple, Dr. Vikram sir says, please remember that whatever things are restricted, should never be taken and except this, other things should also be taken in moderate quantity because, in excess as even nectar will lose its charm.

Interviewer: Yep, you would have to learn according to your body.

Hansa: Yes, you have to learn yourself, what suits your body?

Interviewee: Normally we take asafetida turmeric powder, people say no but if we use it in small quantity in our cooked vegetables and there is no problem in that and we have not found any issue. End of the day, it is like the medicine is the one that will clean up your digestive system but if you really want to cure it, then it is your diet plan nothing else. You have to avoid all the things that can create acidity, gas in your body, such as Coca Cola, cold drinks, please avoid them immediately, junk food, burger, pizza and the stuff like that including cheese, strictly avoid that.

Hansa: I had a talk with some people, on phone they said it's life threatening, their life is over, but it is nothing like that, You just need to follow the diet chart and nothing will go wrong, psychologically they feel that when we used to visit allopathic doctors, he asked us to undergo so many tests and what difficulties we used to face and acquire tension.

Interviewee: Psychologically, don't think much about it as this disease is connected with the brains. Take it out from there, follow the diet chart and take medicine and you will be alright.

Interviewer: Thank you very much Prashant ji, thank you Hansa ji.

Interviewee: Thanks.

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